“THE GREATEST OF ALL THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF 20TH-CENTURY SCIENCE has been the discovery of human ignorance.” Lewis Thomas, Lives of a Cell. “OUR IGNORANCE, OF COURSE, HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH US, AND ALWAYS WILL BE. What is new is our awareness of it, our awakening to its fathomless dimensions, and it is this, more than anything else, that marks the coming of age of our species.” Timothy Ferris, Coming of Age in the Milky Way.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blessing of the Animals

I want to be blessed like the animals.
Not by a priest; not from anywhere beyond the sky.
But blessed right here, by the earth.
And the rain.
Fragrance of earth just after the rain.

I want to be blessed like the animals.
Not blessed at my crown; animals don’t wear hats.
Bless me at the belly.
Bless me where I breathe.
Feed me an apple.

Women, love me the way you love animals.
Dog lovers, cat lovers, horse lovers!
Unleash me and let me romp.
Stroke my fur till I purr.
Post with your thighs.

An animal wrote this, so don’t judge.
I’m not evil and I’m not good.
I’m hairy.
I think by sense of smell.

I want to be blessed like the animals.

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